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Dirk Van Appeldorn


...was born 1953 in Dortmund, Germany (with German, Polish, Ukrainian, Rumanian, Dutch background). He started to take pictures at the age of 12 and his realistic photography, an early aspect of his street photography, was shown in an exhibition in his hometown when he turned 16. He became a musician and a writer and published two novels. He went to Dublin in 1994 and to London in 1998, when he started his photo-series "Streets of London". In 2010 he added his series "The Last Day" and his next book "EUNOIA" was released in August 2011.
Three of his main works were exhibited in January 2010 in the "Bigger Picture Gallery" in London. In 2011 Dirk had his biggest exhibition in Kensington where many of his London photos were sold, including a joint work with painter Adam Fenikowski
His main interest is Street-, Character- and Abstractive Photography
He is represented by several galleries/art dealers worldwide. 
Solo/joint shows took place in 2013 in Montevideo, Colonia del Sacramento, London and Chicago. Sao Paulo and Los Angeles will follow soon.

Dirk's book EUNOIA was published by KINARI group. His ebook "THE OLYMPIC GAME CONFUSION" was published recently in Germany

(The Book EUNOIA can be purchased on AMAZON and good bookshops.)

Dirk has travelled Uruguay, Brasil and Peru in 2012 and 2013
See his new websites with photos from South America.

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