a photobook by Dirk van Appeldorn and Elvira Wueppelmann

released 10th July 2012

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ISBN: 978-0-9557205-3-6, © Dirk van Appeldorn
Photos: Dirk van Appeldorn
Text: Elvira Wueppelmann

No copying, no reprinting. Any use of the photos only with written permission of the photographer

This little book is dedicated to the most amazing Sebastian Coe, the
London mayors (Boris or Ken or whoever) and all the others who brought
the 2012 Games to London not for profit or because of their over-
blown egos, but for one and one reason only: “The Olympic Games will be
good for everybody”. This is what we heard all the time and an explanation was
never necessary, and anyway how dare and how unpatriotic would it be if some-
one would criticise the Games anyway…
And of course let us not forget the Prime Minister David Cameron who said it all:
“We want to welcome the world (who will pay £ 1200 for a room which normally
costs £ 150 per night) to the most wonderful city in the world (people who live
there should bugger off during the Games) in the greatest country in the
world (it is said that some advisors stopped him to say by the most
wonderful Prime Minister in the world)” Welcome to our plastic world
full of plastic celebrities, plastic journalists and plastic brains.


There is not much criticism of the London Olympics.
Criticising the Games seems to be “unpatriotic”.
Journalists, who should be objective, prefer to enjoy
the period of luxuriousness and the phase of
job security, because there is a lot to write about.
And there will be parties…
and free tickets for journalists.









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